Our Wine List


Chardonel - $14 - A hybrid between Seyval and Chardonnay; medium bodied, crisp acidity, and fruity taste.


Norton - $15 - Of the Native American variety; medium bodied, oaked, with a rich color and dry character.


Chambourcin - $15 - Gold medal winner at Wines of the South and Indy International Wine competitions; medium bodied, American hybrid with cherry tone finish, and aromas of bright red fruits.


Poverty Point Red - $15 - Named after our farm's nickname; a blend of Cabernet Sauvigon from Washington's Columbia Valley and our Chambourcin, a smooth sipping wine.


Noiret - $14 - Grown right here in West Tennessee; medium bodied, dry character, aged on oak with tones of roasted green and red peppers, aromas of raspberry and mint.


Corot Noir - $15 - New wine grape released by Cornell University.  The wine is similar to a Pinot Noir and pairs well with Salmon or seafood pasta dishes.



Cayuga White - $14 - A smooth, dry, fruity sipping wine; much like a Pinot Grigio.


Traminette - $14 - Winner of the Best of Tennessee Fruit - the William O Beach Award; an American-French hybrid with complex, layered fruity flavor of liche and a refreshing spicy finish.


Madison Muscat - $14 - Coming from one of the oldest known grapes, the Muscat wine is also known as Moscato in Italy; very aromatic and full of flavor such as dried fruits, raisins, oranges, spices, and honey.


Irish Rose - $13 - A delicious blush blend made up of Cayuga White and Corot Noir.


Sweet and Fruit

Red Muscadine - $13 - A southern favorite; a light red wine made from the black muscadine grape.


Muscadine - $13 - Another southern favorite; this wine is made from the bronze muscadine grape and has a unique, spicy, perfume-like aroma and flavor.


Heritage Red - $13 - Produced from the Concord grape; light, fruity, and very fragrant.


Blackberry - $16 - Well-balanced dessert wine.


Peach Lady - $16 - A delicate and sweet sipping wine; smooth, light body that reminds you of a summer day.


Cranberry - $16 - 100% natural cranberries, the wine is well balanced with just enough sweetness to offset the acidity.  Great wine for Thanksgiving!


Introducing Our Latest Releases

La Fin - is a Port or Dessert style wine which has been oak barrel aged for two and one half years and then fortified to 20% alcohol and sweetened just enough to please the most discerning pallet. This fine after-dinner wine sells for $20.


Sugar Plum - A very fruity well balanced wine with just the right amount of acidity that makes it a refreshing wine that pairs well with chicken and seafood dishes. Price $16.